HBH008 : How to Manage Your Energy and Mindset with Vitaliy Dubinin

HBH Vitaliy Episode 8

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Today’s Guest

Vitaliy Dubinin has been a home business mentor and an inspired entrepreneur since 2014.  He got tired of being dependent on his job and decided to go out and create his own income from home.

He literally took immediate action and went full time within one year of getting started in the home business industry.

It didn't start out like that for Vitaliy when he got into this whole entrepreneur thing.

This guy literally did a lot of struggling and money spending in the beginning of his journey, but it definitely paid off.

This was one awesome interview!  We went into so many topics that can really help you get a breakthrough in your business.

Vitaliy really has a powerful energy and you will totally know what I mean after you listen to the episode.

What You Will Learn On This Episode

  • The perfect way to start your day to set yourself up for success
  • How to put together your own morning routine
  • How you can win your next affiliate contest just like Vitaliy did
  • The main reasons your prospects tell you "no"
  • The 1-2 punch for making more sales as an affiliate or network marketer
  • Which questions to ask your prospects to get them to open up to you
  • How to manage your energy with your prospects
  • How to manage a rock star mindset as an entrepreneur
  • How to stay focused and avoid distractions in your business


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Jason Yesser

Yes, I've struggled for years with building my home business, but right when I began marketing myself online everything changed. Now I teach home business entrepreneurs how to leverage the internet to get more leads, more sales, and create more passive income streams.


  • Tom Leonard

    Reply Reply June 10, 2015


    Great content. Thanks for putting this together. I am learning every day. The key is to find the right people to listen to. You and Vitaliy both have a ton of great advice.

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