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Pavlok Review | Can You Break Bad Habits Once And For All?

Pavlok Review

Will The Pavlok Help You Change Your Habits? That is the exact same question I asked myself when I saw a bracelet that shocks your wrist every time you do something wrong.  How can this little device help me change my habits once and for all?  Because aren’t our habits going to eventually help create … Read more

The Best Video Equipment For Marketing On A Budget

Video Equipment For Marketing

Video Production Equipment For Marketing Yes, when you get into marketing your business using the internet, it is almost suicidal to not begin using video to: Provide value to your customers Market your story to your target market Show your company’s personality Build your social media following Hold your customer’s attention The last one is … Read more

Does My Lead System Pro Work?

Does My Lead System Pro Work

MLSP – My Lead System Pro The mission statement of My Lead System Pro is: Creating tomorrow’s leaders today! On the My Lead System Pro website you will see the following description of the system… My Lead System Pro is the world’s solution for home business success since 2008 featuring: Weekly lead-generation training Customizable website … Read more

101 Accountability Quotes For Entrepreneurs

101 Accountability Quotes

Let The List Of Accountability Quotes Begin Accountability is one of the hardest things we, as entrepreneurs, have to overcome. Our entire lives we are held accountable by our parents, our teachers, our employers, and then all of a sudden we decide to become entrepreneurs and we do not have anyone to hold us accountable … Read more

HBH011 : How To Get Free Daily Leads Using Social Media (with Rik Lepine)

Rik Lepine - Episode 11

Listen to the Interview with Rik Lepine Here: [audio_player style=”1″ url=”http%3A%2F%2Ftraffic.libsyn.com%2Fhomebusinesshustler%2FHBH011.mp3″] Subscribe on iTunes here (iPhone) Subscribe on Stitcher Radio here (Android)   How To Get Free Daily Leads Using Social Media It was so cool to sit down with Rik Lepine and discuss how he is getting leads every single day using social media, FOR FREE! … Read more