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Using Prospecting and Marketing Together on Social Media Interview

On today's show of the Home Business Hustler show, I interview Adam Judish.

Adam has been in the home business industry for a number of years now and he struggled in the beginning like most people do.

Right when he began studying attraction marketing and really learning how to "pull" people towards him and his business, he began to make money on a consistent basis.

Recently Adam has stepped his game up and really began promoting his own content online.

He has been utilizing social media, especially Facebook, to promote his content and build his audience and in today's show he explains what he is doing and how he is doing it so you can implement and take action on what you learn.

What You Will Learn On This Episode

  • What kinds of posts you should be doing on your Facebook timeline to attract people to you instead of push them away from you
  • Why Adam uses the internet to build his business 100% of the time
  • The various marketing tactics Adam uses on social media
  • Whether you should be using your personal page or a business page on Facebook to promote your business
  • The primary social media sites Adam uses to build his business
  • How many social media channels you should be using to promote your opportunity
  • How a new network marketer can go out there and begin building a loyal audience of fans
  • How to define your target market
  • How to get people on the phone straight from social media


Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode

  • 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula - This is a thorough course by Jessica Higdon, where she really lays down the foundation to how she built her home business up to a $10,000/month residual income all from social media.  That's my affiliate link so if you do decide to purchase through my link, send me your receipt to jason@jasonyesser.com and I'll get you over an extra bonus training I made to go with the course.
  • Top Earner Recruiting Secrets - Ray Higdon's Top Earner Recruiting Bundle.  This was Adam's favorite training he took.  This is my affiliate link so if you get the course through my link, send me a copy of the receipt to jason@jasonyesser.com and I'll shoot you a secret bonus training over I made that goes with this course.
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - An awesome book by T. Harv Ecker.  This is a book you want if you want to change your mindset about money and becoming a millionaire.
  • Top Earner Success School - This is a link to Ray Higdon's Top Earner Academy Live 3 because Top Earner Success School is not a course that Ray is offering anymore at the time of this post.  This is the live event he is throwing this August.  Live is better anyways, right?
  • Immediate Yes Formula - This is Cesar Rodriguez's amazing course on prospecting.  I went through this myself and my prospecting skills went through the roof!  This is also my affiliate link (you can become an affiliate as well after you purchase it).  If you want my review on the course, go check out my Immediate Yes Formula Review post.
  • AdamJudish.com - This is Adam's blog.  You can check him out here and see what he is up to.  Connect with him as well and let him know I sent you.


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