6 Simple Steps To Become An Expert In Your Field

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Become An Expert In Your Niche

One of the biggest problems I see people struggling with today is actually building up their business without feeling credible as an expert in their field.

Is this you?

Do you feel like you should be making more money than you are, but you don’t really have the results to show people so you can be known as an expert?

To become an expert in your niche is really not as hard as you think.

Plus, would you agree that it is worth it?

Let’s talk about how being known as an expert in your field can help you produce in your business…

The Benefits Of Becoming An Expert In Your Industry

Let’s talk about two different people in this example so you can understand the true benefits of actually becoming an expert in your niche.

Person #1- Let’s call him Donald Trump

Person #2- Let’s call her Jan (If that’s your real name I don’t apologize and you are more than welcome to put in a vote below in the comments to use a different name next time) 🙂

Real Estate Expert Example

We are going to be discussing the real estate market

-How to find a profitable deal

-How to analyze potential deals

-How to purchase properties that pass the test

-How to apply your exit strategy

(I chose real estate because I like to think I am a successful real estate investor, having bought and sold close to 60 houses at the time of this post)

Plus, I am passionate about real estate as I am all about passive income and I truly enjoy the industry.

You can listen to my interview on the Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Podcast show here to learn more about my real estate experience.

So if you wanted to get into the real estate field and become an investor, who are you more likely to listen to?

Donald Trump or Jan?

Now I don’t want to discredit Jan but for this example we all know who Donald Trump is and Jan will be a very nice young woman that isn’t experienced in real estate at all… yet!

Donald Trump Expert

Why Donald Is A Real Estate Expert

So if you met Jan and Donald out for lunch and you started asking them both questions about the topics listed above, we all know that you would be much more likely to listen to what The Donald told you because everyone knows how much he has accomplished both in the real estate market and in general as a businessman.

The reason Donald has become an expert in real estate is because of what he learned from his father and what he has learned through his experience.

(Keep those two reasons in mind because we will come back to those later)

He may have learned a lot more from other sources, but for this post we will keep it simple.

So we know a couple things about how beneficial it is to become an expert already:

  1. People care more about the opinions of experts
  2. People listen more to experts
  3. Experts have influence
  4. Experts are automatically trusted (even by people that don’t personally know them)
  5. People follow experts wherever they go

There are more reasons becoming an expert is beneficial but I think you get the point.

Now that we know why it is beneficial to become an expert in your field AND you have a quick example to demonstrate the difference, lets talk about how Jan (or you) can become an expert virtually overnight!

The 6 Simple Steps To Become An Expert In Your Field

  1. Select your niche- It all starts with selecting the particular niche that you would like to make a dent in.  You may already have a business or you may already have a niche selected, but lets make sure you have selected the most appropriate niche for you.  Here are a couple ways to know:
    • You are passionate about your niche or current business- For example, you have a health and wellness business and you love staying in shape and taking care of yourself.  That would be a good match because you truly have to enjoy what you are going to be an expert in or you may quit too soon.  A bad example would be if you want to become an expert in the internet marketing space but you really don’t like computer jobs.  You know what you like so select a niche based off of what you’re passionate about and you’ll be just fine.
    • Is your niche popular and/or profitable?- This is pretty self explanatory because if you want to become an expert in dirt, it’s not hard to tell that most people aren’t really interested in dirt.  Now, if you found an opportunity (by some chance) where people were constantly looking for information on dirt, then you may be able to make that happen.  Weight loss, on the other hand, is something TONS of people are interested in.  You just have to pick the right niche within that niche so that you are not in a broad category and you are in a more specialized corner of the marketplace.
  2. Define your target market- You have to know where you are going to aim before you shoot if you want to hit something.  Most niches have a particular target that is most popular in that niche.  For example, if I wanted to become an expert in the makeup world, my target would definitely not be guys.  I would be targeting women from the age of 18 to 44.  I just made those numbers up but you get the idea.  Maybe you are friends with a lot of mothers so you could choose weight loss for moms, with your target being any mothers between the age of 25 and 45.  You can get super particular when defining your target, but I just wanted to give you a quick idea of what I’m talking about so you can get started in the right direction.  The SBA has a pretty solid article on selecting your niche and your target market that may help you even more.
  3. Research your niche- This is important because you want to make sure that your niche is profitable and has competition.  Competition is the most important aspect of selecting a niche, because without competition there is no demand.  You want to find competition, and then be different.  Find a niche where you can stand out because every popular niche is always ready for a new expert.  Researching your niche should include a few things:
    • Look for current experts in your niche
    • Research popular websites within your niche
    • Take notes on who people already trust and what websites they already trust
    • You can definitely mirror (not copy) some of the things people are doing in your niche to help boost your resultsBecoming an expert benefits
  4. Invest!- This is my favorite part so far.  The first 3 steps can cause you to get bored, even though they are vital to your success when you become an expert.  Investing has a couple meanings and I truly enjoy both of them because it is what will make you better!  In order to be recognized as an authority in your field, you really need to be more skillful than other people.  If you know how to do something better than one person, then you are now an expert in their eyes.  So how can you invest?  Investing comes down to 2 different approaches.
    • Investing with your time- You can begin spending time learning and cultivating knowledge in your particular niche.  You may already know a lot but you can always learn more.  Tim Ferriss has an awesome video you can watch, where he explains how you can accelerate your learning.  You can find anything on the internet nowadays if you have the time to invest.  You can go read blogs and watch YouTube videos all day about a certain topic and learn a lot.  The downfall is that you will have to spend a lot of time looking for quality material.  The other downfall is that you may not get the top notch information about a product that you can get when you begin…
    • Investing with your money- The other way to invest in yourself so that you can further your journey of becoming an expert in your industry is to invest some money into learning some new skills.  This can be looked at in 2 ways.  Most people look at it as an expense, but in reality it is an investment.  I spent well over $20,000 last year in courses, coaching, seminars, trainings, webinars, etc.  Is it technically an expense?  Yes.  But I also made that money back plus some because of what I learned.  I took that knowledge and applied it towards furthering my expertise in my niche.  If you don’t believe me try it once.  Just one time, hopefully with a 30 day money back guarantee so if you feel it was a mistake you can get your money back.  The last course I literally just purchased is all about how you can become an expert in 3 minutes/day and I literally can’t wait to go through it!
  5. Teach what you have learned- This is where a lot of people get confused.  In order to truly brand yourself as an expert, all you have to do is be able to show somebody else how to do something that they don’t know yet.  If you know one more thing than 1,000 people, then you could be considered an expert in their eyes or at least someone that they could learn from.  This is the secret step that 99% of people miss.  All you have to do is focus on your audience and not on your results and in due time you will be known as someone that can solve their problems.
  6. Solidify your expertise with your own hub- There is a HUGE difference between adding a Facebook post with some value and adding a blog post with some value.  There is even a HUGE difference between posting on Facebook and YouTube.  The difference is that people do not go to Facebook to buy something.  They go to blogs and exterior websites and that is where they make purchases.  Another difference is that if you post on Facebook, that post goes away in a few days and nobody really sees it anymore.  If you post on your own hub, or blog, you will have that post up on the internet forever.  Google loves content and people are searching all day for value online.  All you have to do is create that content and get it in front of the right people to begin building your credibility as the expert in your industry.

Wikipedia Expert Screen Shot Box

Bonus Expert Step

If you truly want to solidify your journey of becoming an expert in your niche, then one way to make that happen quicker is to reach out to other credible experts in your industry and interview them.

This will build credibility with your audience and once you are associated with other experts, it will further build your audience’s perception of your expertise.

This is super ninja and super valuable to your target market at the same time!

Still Don’t Feel Like You Can Become An Expert Without Results?

Here’s a couple secrets to get you going in the right direct!

If you’re interested in more information so you can become an expert in about 3 minutes a day, you may want to check this out


Secret #1

Focus on helping people and not on your results…

People don’t care what you have accomplished.  They care whether you can help them with their problem or not.  If you help them solve their problem, you will be their expert.

Secret #2

Focus on the long term…

Imagine putting together a blog and for yourself and coming out with 100 blog posts over the next year that are all ranked in the Google search engines.

When prospective clients go into Google to search for something in your niche and you keep popping up, do you think that will give you enough credibility to be an industry expert?

Secret #3

Take a step in the right direction and invest your time and/or money into something that will make you better in your niche…

This is where you will be able to develop new skill sets that will separate you from everyone else.

If you know way more information in your field than everyone else, then you will be regarded as the industry expert that helps people.

Secret #4

Stop putting it off…

You don’t have to start today but the longer you wait, the longer it will take for you to show up on the radar of prospects in your industry.

The only way to build a house is brick by brick

Take that philosophy and go lay one brick everyday.

Secret #5

Be consistent and persistent with your content…

The more you create content, the more people will find you.

The more you create content, the more Google will like you.

The more consistent you are and the more you show up, the more you will be edified as an expert.

Becoming an expert can be done!



You now know why it is important to become an expert in your field.  It’s really not as hard as you think, but it does take a lot of work.

Is the work worth it?

Ask yourself if you are satisfied with where you are currently at?

Are you happy with not having prospective clients to wake up to everyday?

Becoming an expert will turn you from the prospector to the sought after and it will make you super attractive to your potential customers.

Waking up every morning with leads and sales in your inbox is such a life changing experience that I would rather choose to do the work than to sit back and be comfortable.

The rest is up to you.

Have you been setting yourself up to become an expert in your field?

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