Does My Lead System Pro Work?

Does My Lead System Pro Work

MLSP – My Lead System Pro

The mission statement of My Lead System Pro is:

Creating tomorrow’s leaders today!

On the My Lead System Pro website you will see the following description of the system…

My Lead System Pro is the world’s solution for home business success since 2008 featuring:

  • Weekly lead-generation training
  • Customizable website funnels that brand you
  • Powerful affiliate products that pay 100%
  • Everything else to market your business like the pros all under one roof.

So Does My Lead System Pro Really Work?

In my experience with MLSP, it’s not about the system working.

It’s about you working in the system.

Now we all know that most people that get into network marketing do it in order to build a big team that continues to grow whether they are working or not.

The harsh reality is that that isn’t the best mindset to have when taking this journey on if you want to build a successful home business.

Creating a successful network marketing team all comes down to you.

Also, everything that you think matters doesn’t matter as much as you think. (pretty deep huh)

For example:

  • Most people don’t signup in a company based on the product or service alone (they want a leader and a system that will help them succeed)
  • Everyone that joins your mlm team will not stay on your team forever
  • Your product or service is not for everyone
  • Just because you are having success right now does not mean you are going to have long term success
  • Your company may not be in business forever, even though it seems like it now
  • Your company can change the compensation plan at any given time
  • You don’t own your business (your company can terminate you at any given time at their consent)

My Lead System Pro 10 Daily Steps

Following the MLSP 10 Daily Steps

Right when you get your account inside My Lead System Pro, you get access on your home page to The 10 Daily Steps to Fire Your Boss.

That document gives you the blueprint you need to follow if you want to Fire Your Boss.

Once you get your hands on that pdf file, you have the blueprint to succeed with MyLeadSystemPro.

As you see in the image above, you get challenged to complete each step on that list for the next 30 days.

Can you complete the challenge?

MLSP Wakeup Call

MLSP Wake Up Call

The next resource you are supplied with is the MLSP Daily Wake Up Call phone number and pin.

Yes, that is the number and pin up above in the screenshot I took.

Consider that one of my gifts to you for stopping by my blog.

The Wake Up Call is open to guests so you can be my guest if you decide to check it out.

What I will tell you is that the first time I got on the MLSP Wake Up Call I was blown away.

It was refreshing because I was used to getting on my network marketing corporate calls and hearing nothing but success stories.

There was never any value presented, other than the inspiration from others.

I personally feel that inspiration is needed to keep your head in the game long term, but I wasn’t learning how to actually build the business on the corporate calls.

One Wake Up Call changed that real quickly for me.

My Lead System Pro Provides Value

Just getting on the MLSP calls opened up a whole different approach to building my mlm business.

I was actually taking notes and learning things for the first time in forever.

I actually set the alarm on my phone so that I could listen to the calls Monday to Friday.



The Truth About Your Network Marketing Business

So if you read above, then you know that people don’t just join companies because of the product or service.

They are looking for the most strategic way for them to finally quit their jobs.

Are you going to provide them with the easiest path to success?

That is a question you need to ask yourself if you truly want to build a life changing business in the network marketing industry.

You have to focus on solving other people’s problems!

The harsh reality is that most mlm companies do not provide you with enough resources and training to build a large business in this industry.

MLSP Success

That is why 80% of people that join the direct sales industry are not profitable at all.

The systems provided by companies involve nothing but prospecting your friends and family.

Prospecting Your Friends and Family

Just so you know, I totally agree with approaching your friends and family.

I think if you believe in your company and product or service enough, you are doing your friends and family an injustice by not exposing them to what you have to offer them.

The problem is that most of your friends and family say NO to joining your business and to buying your product or service.

Then you end up running out of people to talk to.

That is when most people end up quitting the industry.

They talk to everyone they know (or they think they did) and then when most of them say NO, they don’t know how to go about finding new leads.

Generating Leads Without My Lead System Pro

One of the main focus points of the entire MLSP system is to teach you how to generate your own leads using the internet.

Generating your own leads as opposed to purchasing leads, is night and day with how much more effective it is.

Here are a couple benefits of generating your own leads:

  • Your leads usually know who you are when you either call them or email them
  • It is a lot more cost effective once you get a strategy working for you
  • It positions YOU as the expert, instead of an unbranded website
  • You are the only one calling them instead of multiple people that have purchased the same leads
  • and many more…

Before we get into how you can generate leads with a system like My Lead System Pro, we will discuss more ways to get leads without a system.

Real Time Diet Leads Screenshot

Buying MLM Leads

You can purchase leads like the example up above, but you are usually one of many people that purchase those leads.

As you can see in the example, those leads can get expensive at a whopping $5.95 per lead.

Most of the time you can find a source of leads with a price point of about $3.50, but this example above is more expensive because the leads are more targeted.

These particular leads are in the diet niche.

I have purchased leads before and it’s not really fun calling them because it makes you feel like you work in a call center.

Think about how you feel when some random person calls you to sell you something.

You usually don’t talk to them for long and you tell them to stop calling you.


I am a big fan of referral marketing because word of mouth is so powerful and it’s as if the trust factor is already established when someone recommends you to another person they know.

I highly recommend asking for referrals no matter what business you are in.

You should even be asking cold leads for referrals because you never know when you may get one.


I also agree with advertising to get leads, but just make sure you are educated about placing ads.

You can do online advertising or offline advertising.

The one thing I can tell you about advertising is that it costs a lot of money to test and figure out what works.

The best way to begin advertising is to educate yourself first.

There are many ways to advertise so if you have money to spend, then you can jump right in.

If you are on a budget, then advertising may not be for you at first.

Other Options

There are definitely other options but this post is not about your alternatives.

We are trying to focus on whether or not MyLeadSystemPro is the right system for you.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post with any other ways you like to generate leads for your business.

Generating Leads With My Lead System Pro

There are tons of ways to generate your own leads using the entire MLSP system.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

That quote defines what MLSP can do for you if you allow it.

You will learn dozen of ways to generate leads, both for free and for money via ads.MLSP School Picture Example

Going Back To School

That is exactly what MLSP will do for your mlm career.

Would you rather have a doctor that went to medical school for one year perform a surgery on you or would you prefer a doctor that went to medical school for ten years perform the surgery?

The answer to that question is self-explanatory and I want you to start thinking of you as that doctor and your mlm business as the surgery.

You may have went to high school and even college, but have you gone to mlm school?

The Process Of Building Your Business

If you want to learn how to build your business with the internet, then you have to go back to school to learn that new skill.

That is where My Lead System Pro comes into play for you.

Social Media Marketing

Inside you get an entire section of previously recorded trainings on all of the popular social media sites.

You can pick which one you want to master first and dive right into the training.

MLSP Social Media Training

Paid Advertising – The Smart Way

As I said earlier, I totally agree with a paid advertising budget towards building your business.

It’s just a lot easier to learn how to do it properly first.

These are just some of the platforms you can learn on inside MLSP and you also get the support of community as well.

MLSP Paid Ads Training

Content Marketing

That is exactly what I am doing here on my website.

I am creating content in order to help you out.

To help you decide if MyLeadSystemPro is for you.

Regardless, I am happy to provide you with this information.

My primary reason for blogging is to provide value to you.

My secondary reason is to monetize what I already love to do (marketing).

I want you to imagine yourself on my side of the table.

Imagine learning how to become a content marketer so you can get paid to provide value to your target audience.

This stuff works.

Why do you think there is an unlimited amount of information on the internet?

MLSP Content Marketing Training

Straight Network Marketing Training

Sometimes you have to take it old school and get better at just prospecting to build your business.

I am a huge fan of prospecting because it is the quickest way for you to build your company.

Maybe that is where you are with your situation.

You are tired of prospecting people while you’re out and about and you’re tired of getting judged by your friends and family for building a home business.

I get it!

I got laughed at last night for the name of my home business podcast show.

All I am saying is that MLSP offers training on offline prospecting and other cool online tactics that you can use to differentiate yourself from everyone else in your company.

MLSP Additional Training

Why You Need To Be Building An Email List

Your email list is the only asset you have when building a network marketing company.

For example…

I just watched the FTC desolate Vemma like it was nothing.

I personally felt that Vemma was an excellent company and I had a few friends that were making a full time income with Vemma.

Then one day, the FTC decides Vemma is at fault for being an actual pyramid scheme.

I got phone calls from most of my friends in the so called “pyramid scheme” only to learn that they had no income anymore.

One of my friends was building an email list and he networked like a madman.

He was the only one that left, joined another company, and increased his income in the next few months.


His email list consists of people that:

  • Want to hear from him (they requested to receive his emails)
  • Know who he is
  • Can continue to be marketed to by him whenever he wants
  • Will follow him wherever he goes, no matter what company he is in

We Call It YOU, Inc.

MLSP teaches you how to brand yourself!

How to create a YOU, Inc the right way.

Once you begin branding yourself, you realize how important it is.

You never know what could happen to your mlm company, or if another company comes along that you like better.

The one thing you do know, is that if you brand yourself, it doesn’t matter which company you are promoting because YOU will be the one everyone knows.

NOT the company you are promoting!

Online Marketing Tools MLSP Provides You

  1. Funnelizer- This is a tool that is a scaled down version of ClickFunnels (affiliate link) that is way more friendly on the price.  It allows you to build your online web pages for creating capture page funnels, sales funnels, and many other types of funnels.  Funnels are a requirement for utilizing online marketing in your business.  Funnelizer is enough for any home business owner, local sales person, real estate agent, product creator, and more when it comes to creating online funnels.MLSP Funnelizer Screenshot
  2. Contract Relationship Manager- The CRM that comes with MLSP is second to none.  You can interlink it with the leads you generate online and offline (you have to manually enter leads from offline of course) and you can set follow up calls and take notes on people.  Having a CRM is going to distinguish you from being an amateur and being a professional.  This is the tool that turns you into an organized prospecting and follow up machine.MLSP CRM Screenshot
  3. MLSP Sites- This is the brand new “build a professional looking blog in 5 minutes” software.  You can literally signup for My Lead System Pro and have your blog up in the next 5 minutes.  I personally haven’t gotten into Sites yet, but a lot of my students have and they love it.  I didn’t start a Sites blog yet because I already spent a few months building this one on wordpress myself.  Sites uses wordpress and similar themes to this one but it does it all for you, with the proven wordpress settings, plugins, and themes million dollar blogs are built with.MLSP Sites
  4. Free Lead Magnets- This is probably one of the most underrated tools on the list.  A lead magnet is something you can give away to someone in order to ethically bribe them for their email address and sometimes their phone number as well (depending on what you ask for).  When you are starting out online and you have to create lead magnets, it can take you a while to get any traction at all.  MyLeadSystemPro provides you with well over 50 lead magnets to give away to people in order to ethically bribe them for their contact info.  This allows you to get leads while you sleep.  When you combine the free lead magnets with the funnelizer, you have a deadly combination. (I have some of the lead magnets sprinkled throughout his blog post for you to check out if you want)MLSP System Campaigns
  5. Live Weekly Training Webinars & Training Archive- You are constantly getting updated trainings on a weekly basis with a total of 8+ trainings every single week.  The cool thing is that you can invite anybody you want, including your team, to these trainings to learn and get better.  You can give these trainings away as lead magnets as well and you can attend them and watch the replays.  Your guests have to be on live, but you get every single training in your training archive, which has every training MLSP has done since it was first started in 2008.My Lead System Pro Training Schedule
  6. 100% Profit Campaigns- These are the campaigns that MyLeadSystemPro has created from start to finish, but they actually allow YOU to sell them to anybody you want for 100% profit in your pocket.  You can sell courses, ranging from $7 up to $477, to your prospects and anybody looking to learn online marketing and you get to keep all of the money.  This is cool because inside of MLSP, you learn how to approach other home business owners and capitalize off of them if they say no to your primary business opportunity.  I’m guessing you are trying to decide if MLSP will help you grow your primary business and the answer is yes.  I’ll explain more below.MyLeadSystemPro Profit Campaigns
  7. Free Email Autoresponder- You get access to your very own autoresponder to get you started with your online marketing.  Why is this essential?  Because without an email autoresponder to store your captured email addresses you won’t have a way to follow up with your leads.  You are allowed up to 500 email contacts for free and then you either have to upgrade or move over to another email autoresponder service.   Don’t take this lightly because standard autoresponders start at $15 to $20.  All of these tools add up and are combined with the training you need to use them all.

How To Use MLSP For Maximum Results

This is such a smart way to build your primary home business.

You simply use My Lead System Pro to enable you to talk to other home based business owners, especially ones looking for mlm leads.

Then you have a regular conversation with them about their business and them as a person.

During the convo you focus on finding out a few things:

  • Are they currently happy in the company they are currently building?
  • Do they keep their income options open?

How To Form Their Answer Into The Perfect Solution

If they are happy with their current company, then you ask them if they keep their options open for learning some new marketing strategies to grow their business.

They almost always say yes.

That is when you send them one of the free lead magnets MLSP supplies you.

Even though you didn’t make the training, you get credit for providing them with value.

How To Build Your Primary Network Marketing Company With MLSP

If they say they aren’t happy with their current network marketing company, then you ask them if they are open to checking out an alternative such as yours.

They almost always say yes because they believe in the industry and they just haven’t found the company they want to commit to.

That is when you send them your network marketing company video (one of my primary company funnels you can check out).

Some of those people will join your team.

All of the people that do not join your company, you offer them a solution to build theirs with MLSP.

Then you end up making money off of providing them with the network marketing training and tools they need to build their current business.

The Power Of Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing is exactly what My Lead System Pro stands for.

It is when you begin attracting your perfect prospect to you instead of constantly chasing people for more business.

Imagine how much nicer it is to have people calling you and coming to you to join your network marketing team instead of constantly pursuing people to join you.

It is the exact reason why I began looking for a marketing system that would help put me in a situation where people were chasing me to join my team instead of the other way around.

I am not going to go too deep into attraction marketing in this post because that is a post in of itself.

The best thing about utilizing attraction marketing is that when someone says “no” to joining your primary business, you could care less because you know you have a list of people that are reaching out to you to join.

It really is a game changer!

What Are The Cons Of My Lead System Pro?

Yes, of course there are some cons to joining MLSP.

I am not here to tell you that My Lead System Pro is for you.

I am just here to provide you with my experience and some more information so you can make an educated decision on whether this training and marketing system is right for you.

That being said, here are the cons of MLSP:

  • Overwhelm- Some people get overwhelmed with learning this new skill of marketing.  It isn’t the easiest thing to master.  I always tell people that it’s not easy to master marketing but it is worth it 100%.  Any MLSP links on this page are my affiliate links so if you join through one of them, you will be on my affiliate team.  I always get on the phone with all of my new affiliates to give them a road map to succeeding with MLSP.  You have a 10 day trial to decide if it’s for you and that $10 is fully refundable if you ask them.  Take the trial and check it out for yourself.
  • Cost- Now I only put this here because sometimes I hear people say the price is too high for them.  Let me assure you that for what you get in the entire MLSP training and marketing system is a complete steal compared to other platforms.  You can go out and get the tools separately if you want and pay at least the monthly cost of MLSP for just one of the other tools out there without any training.  If the cost is too high for you and you know you want to build your business with the internet, start with University.  It just comes with less benefits of course, but you can see the differences here.
  • Time- Not everyone has the time to begin learning a brand new skill.  If that is you, then you need to make time!  You can’t make more money in any business unless you get better as a person.  You have to continue to grow as an entrepreneur and as a person to grow your business.  I understand that you may feel like you don’t have a lot of time, but in reality you might not want to make the time to learn the skill of internet marketing.  That is a way better statement than saying you don’t have the time.  Just bringing this up because I get this excuse from people sometimes.  It’s ok, I just wanted to give you my thoughts.  I will be honest, you have to really become a student and watch a lot of training to immerse yourself in this new skill so if you don’t have time to watch some trainings on your computer or listen to them in the car when you drive, then MLSP is definitely not for you.
Here Is An Old Video I Made About My Lead System Pro That You May Want To Check Out

My Lead System Pro Has Been A Blessing

I just wanted to give you my honest opinion.

I am forever grateful for what MLSP has done for me as a person, a marketer, and a business owner.

This system was the entire foundation for my successful home business and online marketing career.

My Bonus To You

For that reason and because I want to help you even further, I have decided to give you an extra bonus if you decide to join MLSP as an affiliate on my personal team.

BeastMode Accountability Mastermind

The best bonus you get is the access into my accountability mastermind.

We, myself and my partner Rob, will be there 7 days a week to help you with your business and so will the other masterminders.

You get both community and support inside of our mastermind!

We will also provide you with the accountability you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

This is a pretty thorough product that people are currently paying $47 per month to be a part of and you get it for free with your MLSP membership on my personal affiliate team.

BeastMode Mastermind Screenshot

BeastMode Closing Mastery

You will also get this BeastMode immersion course on how you can become a closing beast.

This is a couple hours of hardcore closing material that you can use right away in your business.

BeastMode Closing Mastery

BeastMode 90 Day Blitz Blueprint

This is another immersion training that gives you the blueprint for creating a 90 day blitz road map for your business.

It is extremely detailed and we have previously sold it for $67.

You get it for free to further help you grow your business.


I hope you got all of the information you will ever need out of making a decision on whether or not My Lead System Pro is the system for you.

It really isn’t for everyone but it ended up being a blessing for me.

I have had a lot of people join MLSP and quit because they didn’t want to stick with it and figure it out.

Maybe they didn’t understand the power of building their business with attraction marketing.

Maybe they didn’t have the patience to learn a new skill.

Either way, I also have a lot of people that have stuck with it and are currently crushing it in their business.

These same people are becoming authorities online and attracting people to them instead of chasing everyone.

They are posting on their blogs every week and providing value and helping people like they never have before.

They are meeting 6 and 7 figure earners that they never would have met had they not marketed themselves online.

This community is powerful and it is my wish for you to experience it first hand.

Even if you joined MLSP in the past, it has gotten so much better and my bonus package will really help you succeed with it this time around.

P.S. Yes, you can use My Lead System Pro with any business and there isn’t a conflict of interest because this is an affiliate program.

It is not a multilevel paid program so it works with any mlm company (and with any other home business or sales position).

Comment below and let me know your opinion on offline marketing vs online marketing.

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Jason Yesser

Yes, I've struggled for years with building my home business, but right when I began marketing myself online everything changed. Now I teach home business entrepreneurs how to leverage the internet to get more leads, more sales, and create more passive income streams.


  • Jelena Ostrovska

    Reply Reply December 15, 2015

    My Lead System is definitely a game changer for anybody who wants to take their business online, no matter what business that is!

    Awesome and very thorough review Jason! 🙂

    • Jason Yesser

      Reply Reply December 16, 2015

      Why thank you Jelena! Yes, I see you putting in work and getting some amazing results 🙂 It’s exciting to see how everyone is growing every week.

  • Mike

    Reply Reply December 17, 2015

    All that in a nut shell. Great review and has definitely been a life saver for me. My only sign up in my company was my Dad, haha laugh it out but its true. Now I have people signing up through me emails.

    Any business online must have MLSP.

    • Jason Yesser

      Reply Reply January 4, 2016

      Yeah man. Lol at least you got a signup. Most people can’t even get their dad. Totally agreed and I appreciate the feedback Mike. Keep on rocking your biz!

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