The Best Video Equipment For Marketing On A Budget

Video Equipment For Marketing

Video Production Equipment For Marketing

Yes, when you get into marketing your business using the internet, it is almost suicidal to not begin using video to:

The last one is so vital and most people do not even mention that about video marketing.

Why Use Video Marketing?

YouTube is the 3rd largest site in the entire world.

Stop reading and think about that for a second.

Video is quickly becoming the top searched media type around the world and there is a reason for that.

It is the most preferred way of communication while doing business online, because it is the next best thing compared to actually being face to face with someone.

Oh, and I like it better than face to face selling!



More on that later.

What Kind Of Video Recording Equipment Do I Need To Get Started?

There are really a couple different ways you can go with video equipment and it really depends on your budget.

The good thing is that you can buy different pieces of equipment over a period of time until you have everything you need to produce studio quality videos from home or from your office.

In the past I have spent $1,000’s on video equipment, but that was before the invention of the smart phone camera came out.

I still remember flipping open my phone like I was the coolest dude in the club.

Let me know in the comments below if I should look for an old picture of me holding my flip phone.


1. The Best Video Camcorder For You

I actually know people that have filmed entire music videos on their iPhone cameras and the quality was pretty damn good.

What does that mean?

Start with your smart phone video camera in the beginning, especially if you are on a budget.

Video Recording Equipment - Smart Phone Camera

Do You Want To Upgrade Your Camera?

If you do have a little money to spare and you want some more options with your video, then you can invest a little money and get a basic camera like the Canon PowerShot S120.

If you want to go for the professional look and get the top of the line entry level camcorder, I suggest checking out this Nikon D5500.

Here is a video I co-shot with my buddy that was actually played on MTV during Teen Mom 2.  It has close to a million plays and it was shot with some high quality cameras.  If you have any questions about any of these cameras or any of the other equipment on this page, please leave me a comment below.

I have a lot of experience with camera equipment and the different accessories, which you will learn more about below.

2.  Do You Need A Lighting Kit?

This is a question that I get a lot so I wanted to address the answer to this question right after the camera selection.  One of the most important aspects of creating a professional looking video with budget marketing video equipment is the look of the actual video.  You can have the most advanced camera in the world but if you don’t have any light then you won’t be able to utilize the features of that camera.

Camcorders were not designed to provide light by themselves.  So you have two options when capturing your videos for your marketing campaigns.

  1. Natural Lighting- This is going to be you best light source because that is exactly what synthetic lighting intends to implement.  Natural lighting is going to look the best and you don’t need batteries to operate the sun.  I try to do as many videos as I can during the day so I can include as much natural lighting as possible.  I also try to film a lot of my videos outside or by a window so my videos come out top quality.
  2. Lighting Kit- The difference between a video lighting kit and regular lamps in your house is the color temperature the bulbs throw out.  Color temperature comes in multiples variations.  What makes professional lighting equipment so unique is that it mimics natural sunlight.  Regular bulbs in your house have more of a yellowish tint, making them close to 2,400 k.  Daylight colored bulbs used in professional equipment are usually 6,500 k and sometimes a little upwards than that.  Check out the graph below so you can see the difference.  I recommend these bulbs and this LimoStudio Softbox Lighting Kit to get you started.  If you have the additional funds, consider buying two of the lighting kits so you have more options.  It doesn’t hurt to have extra light because you can always turn a bulb out.  If you don’t have enough light to get a good shot, then the shot will not look nearly as good as a fully lit shot.
Light Temperature Graph

Color Temperature Graph

3. The Best Microphone To Start With

This is a topic that you definitely don’t want to go toe-to-toe with me on.  I have multiple microphones and I have my own music studio so I have a lot of experience with audio.  You can even check my first podcast episodes here.  I made the intro and I actually am working on a little project that I think you’ll like a lot so make sure you’re on my email list so you can be the first to find out.

Ok, I’ll stop gassing myself up and give my microphone recommendations so you can sound like a pro in your videos.  Keep in mind that a video is 50% audio and 50% video so most people skip out on audio quality not thinking of videos in that format.

I believe audio is just as important as lighting so I almost always have my Rode SmartLav+ with me.  It’s a great way to record wonderful audio that will make you sound like a pro immediately.  The SmartLav+ is a microphone that plugs directly into your smartphone.  I use it in two different ways.


  1. Directly Into My Phone- I plug into my phone audio jack if I am doing a selfie style video or if I am filming something while holding my phone.  The difference between the SmartLav+ and your camera’s built-in microphone is that the SmartLav+ is made to only pickup the direct area surrounding the mic.  Your phone’s microphone is made to pickup sound from all over and even from far away from the microphone.  That means your smartphone mic will pick up a lot of background noise and you will hear that the phone is far away from you.  With the SmartLav+ you will even be able to turn away from the camera and still have quality audio for your viewers.
  2. Directly Into An Audio Recording Device- The audio recording device I use is also my smartphone.  I have this as my setup if I am recording the video on one of my professional cameras.  This allows me to get professional audio to go along with my crispy looking video and it gives my audience the ultimate 1-2 punch.  When I am done recording I email the audio file to myself and put them together in post production.

4. Tripod Time

A tripod should be one of the first things you pickup because without a tripod you are stuck holding your camera or phone and that shaky hand of yours is not doing your video any justice.

Your tripod will last longer than your camera 99% of the time so I recommend investing a little more and picking up a mediocre tripod so you don’t have to buy another one in case you get a bigger camera in the future.

Tripod By Window

My tripod cost me a little over $3,000 so I won’t have to upgrade unless I start shooting major motion pictures or for national broadcasting networks.  You definitely don’t have to spend anywhere near that unless you just like splurging on things you don’t need.

The tripod that I recommend you start with is the Dolica 62″ Proline Tripod because it is good enough to hold your phone and even a bigger camera, plus it has a ball head to help you film with smoother movements.

You can also use a mini tripod like the GripTight GorillaPod for your smartphone so you can be even more diverse with your shots.  It is very inexpensive and it will definitely come in handy for your marketing videos.

5. Get A Backdrop (Green Screen)


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