6 Facebook Posts to Get More Engagement

Why is Engagement Important on Facebook? If you are attempting to build your business or your brand online and you are not using Facebook, then you should really consider hopping back on the world’s largest social media platform. The most important aspect for being successful on Facebook is attaining as much engagement as possible.  This…

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Should You Use MLM Email List Marketing?

email marketing

Is MLM Email List Marketing Good For Business? MLM email list marketing may be something new to you, especially if you are new to the network marketing industry.  When I first got into the industry, I definitely was not marketing myself or my business online.  It took some research and some investing to really make…

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How To Find Stock Photos And FREE Images For Websites Or Blogs

Free Images For Websites Camera

Why Find Free Images For Websites Or Blogs There are a number of ways to find free images for websites and free images for blogs, and I am going to show you in the video below how you can do just that. Before getting into how you can find these images for your blog or website,…

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Overcome Procrastination Through Accountability


Overcome Procrastination Procrastination can be the number 1 killer in your business and you may not even realize it because you procrastinated on figuring it out. In 2014 I was stuck trying to figure out why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted so badly to get and then I realized that I wasn’t doing…

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4 Step Video Marketing Formula

Video Marketing Formula

4 Step Video Marketing Formula If you made it through my first 3 posts on my Video Marketing Series then you are ready to utilize my video marketing formula and get started with making your first video. Watch Video 1 – Why You Should Be Using Video Marketing Watch Video 2 – Overcoming your Fear…

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