4 Step Video Marketing Formula

Video Marketing Formula

4 Step Video Marketing Formula

If you made it through my first 3 posts on my Video Marketing Series then you are ready to utilize my video marketing formula and get started with making your first video.

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Creating your video is a lot easier than you think once you have this simple formula that lays out the perfect structure of how your video should be presented to your audience.

Once you go through this post and the video below, you will be able to create an effective video that will be able to start getting you leads for your business immediately.

Why Use A Formula?

Using a video marketing formula is very important because it gives you structure, and systems and formulas are what create results!

This formula I reveal below is exactly what I use on a weekly basis to produce viable content for my audience, which turns into many positive aspects for my business.

  • It allows me to build a relationship with my audience online while I am working my business in other ways
  • It is effective and efficient
  • It is straight to the point so my audience can follow the formula from intro to purchase
  • You don't build a house without a blueprint so my formula allows me to follow a blueprint for my videos

The Video Marketing Formula

  • Introduce Yourself- Let your audience know who they are talking to. You can let them know where you are from as well. Sometimes I use my website and sometimes I let them know where my home office is (Harrisburg, PA). This allows them to relate even more with me.  I recommend one of the two in order to get started.
  • Video Topic/Question- This part is very important because most people have short attention spans so by letting your audience know what the video will be about allows them to know whether that particular video is for them or not.  A great way to spark their interest is to ask a question that brings up a problem they may be having.  "Are you having trouble getting leads for your business?  Stay tuned to find out my 3 new strategies I have been using to triple my leads."
  • Content- This is the longest part of the video.  The content is where you have deliver on your promise in the video topic/question you asked.  You want to give useful content right here that will actually help your audience out.  If you deliver properly in your content delivery, the final step will be even more effective for you.
  • Call To Action- The final step is where you tell your audience what you want them to do after the video.  This is the part that a lot of new marketers miss and I highly recommend including this step.  People will not click your links or comment on your videos unless you let them know that they can.  It may be a little weird to "tell" someone what to do at first, but I promise you that people need that direction.  Try it out and complete this formula like a pro.


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