How To Find Stock Photos And FREE Images For Websites Or Blogs

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Why Find Free Images For Websites Or Blogs

There are a number of ways to find free images for websites and free images for blogs, and I am going to show you in the video below how you can do just that.

Before getting into how you can find these images for your blog or website, I want to talk about why it is important to not only find some professional looking images for your website or blog, but also how you can go about doing it without getting in trouble for violating a licensing law.

The reason you need professional looking images is because of the human brain being more receptive to visuals than any other senses we have.

Think about it…

When I type the word lion, you can’t help but visualize a lion in your head.

free images for websites lion

Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

The human brain must think of a lion in order to not think about a lion.

In fact, any time you see a word you actually visualize it in your head, whether you want to or not.

That is why making your blog look attractive to the eye is so important.  People are driven towards interesting looking images so the better you make your website or blog look, the more your blog will be liked and the more it will be trusted.

I know I don’t like to buy things off of websites that look unattractive.  It makes the website look a little shady, so bad images will actually cause your website or blog to lose credibility with certain people.

Bottom Line: The better your website or blog looks, the more sales you will make

Free Images For Websites Vs Purchased Photos

Both have their pros and cons so you have to decide which direction you want to go.

Free Images For Websites Pros

  • Great if you are on a budget
  • Amazing quality for free
  • Helps the artists out at the same time as you help your own website

Free Images For Websites Cons

  • Stock images are not as nice as paid images (most of the time)
  • We all know that you get what you pay for
  • Sometimes it takes longer to find free images that you like
  • May not have the variety you are looking for

Purchased Photos For Websites Pros

  • Look very professional
  • They are royalty free
  • You can usually edit them with no additional requirements for attribution
  • Larger selection
  • You can write them off as an expense

Purchased Photos For Websites Cons

  • They cost money
  • You may have to open multiple accounts to get a larger variety on different sites

Bottom Line: You have to choose which option is best for your particular website or blog since both free and paid images have their pros and cons

How To Find Free Images For Websites

Everybody can benefit from utilizing free images so I want to show you how you can get these free images for websites, blogs, or any other online medium you are using to build your business.

Step 1- Choose the style of image that you want to use for your website.  Are you going for an artsy look or more of a professional looking site with some pictures that were taken in the studio?

Step 2- Make sure you have a Creative Commons License for any free images you plan on using.  Click here to get more information on the different types of licenses available.

Step 3- Select a link below to use for your free images for websites, blogs, and any other projects you are working on online:

  • Wikimedia Commons This site is great as it provides you with a large variety of images to choose from.  They are all free and they give you help when you need to provide photo attribution on your website or blog.
  • Flickr I really like Flickr because of the variety of images you will find here.  I like to use artsy images on my site so Flickr provides me with a great selection for those images that really pop.  You have to provide attribution and you have to use a Creative Commons image.  Check out the video below for instructions on how to find the images you can use.
  • PhotoPin I really like this site as well because it combines multiple different sites when hunting down an image of your liking.  PhotoPin also provides you with additional help when looking for attribution information.  It’s a site that is catered toward blog owners so if you have a blog, then you definitely want to check this one out.
  • Free Photos Bank If you are looking for more stock footage, as opposed to artsy images like you will find on Flickr, then definitely check out Free Photos Bank.  This is where you will find free images for your blog or website that have that professional look and feel.  You are limited on your selection, compared to a paid stock photo site, but you will have tons of options.
  • Stock Photos For FreeWhen you want to get a professional looking image that doesn’t cost you money, this is where you should probably go.  Out of all the sites above, this is the only one that requires you to make an account.  Make your free account then hop on in and search for whatever you need.

Step 4- Download your image and any attribution information you will need after you put the image on your website.  I usually recommend backing up the attribution information in a word document inside the folder holding the information for that particular blog post or website.

Step 5- Upload your images and any required attribution information to your website.

Bottom Line: Follow these steps and your site will look good and be legal, according to copyright laws

What Is Attribution And Why You Need To Know

Attribution: (copyright), concept in copyright law requiring an author to be credited.

This definition comes straight from Google so please make sure you are following what each image and website tells you to do.

Any requirements to provide attribution to a photo should be followed to a T.

Not all of the sites up above have the same requirements so I recommend researching each photo and website to make sure that you are good to go when using a free image.

You need to know about providing attribution for images because it is ethical, lawful, and it will keep your website in the green instead of the red.

Plus, how would you feel if you took some amazing pictures and people stole them from you online and used them without providing credit for your hard work?  Probably not that good.

Bottom Line: If you want to use free images for websites or blogs, then you better give credit where credit is due

Paid Images And Video Walkthrough

The video below will show you how to find images on the sites I’ve listed throughout this post and you will see how to find the attribution information as well.

Paid Sites

  • Dollar Photo ClubI like this site because you get a huge selection and each photo costs $1.  You can choose from 2 different plans, based upon how many times you would need to use an image for your website.  Check it out to see what kind of images they have.
  • iStock PhotoYou will find a large selection here as well.  Most of the photos are stock images that aren’t too artsy but you have a lot to choose from so you will find a lot.  You can also purchase music and videos that you can purchase that are all royalty free once purchased.  This site is used by a lot of big online marketers.


Free Images For Websites Rock!

I hope you got a lot out of this post and I hope you feel confident in finding free images for websites, blogs, and any other online projects you have.

There are definitely more free images out there online, but these are the main sites that I use for my blog here at

I tend to stick with or because I like the artsy look.

You pick what you like for your website.

You now know how to find free images for websites and paid images for blogs as well so the power is in your hands.

Please let me know in the comments below what you learned in this post and video and make sure to share this post on Facebook or the social media site of your choice.

There are tons of people looking for free images for websites so that would really help someone out!

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Invest In Yourself,

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