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why video marketing

Why Video Marketing?

That seems to be the question on a lot of people’s minds since videos keep popping up all over various social media sites and of course, YouTube.

When I first got into online marketing I knew that I wanted to do video marketing, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready.

I knew that there are tons of ways to market yourself and your business online, but a big part of me wanted to do video marketing.

I started asking myself why video marketing?

Why should I get into using video with all of these other strategies I could start with?

Then I started doing research and I figured out that video marketing is an amazing thing!

The Benefits Of Video Marketing

 1. Know/Like/Trust Factor: We all know that nobody does business with anybody unless they know, like, and trust them.  This is common sense and since we can’t do ALL of our business face to face these days, using the internet is the perfect way to leverage yourself.

Video marketing allows you to get the second best option, which involves you actually taking a risk and actually putting your personality out there so people can get a chance to know you.

Once they get an opportunity to know you and they begin watching more of your videos, then some of those people will tell themselves that they like you.  After they know you and like you and they see that you are providing them value, then they will start to trust you (as long as you are sincere).

After you have reached all three with your audience and the timing is right, some of them will want to do business with you.

2.The Employee Factor: I consider each video to be an employee for me.  I can create a video in a short amount of time and load it online so it can start doing work for me.  This allows me to leverage my time and grow my reach at the same time.

Face to face business is obviously the best way to build your business, but we only have a certain amount of time in a day. With each new video that I post, I can put that video in front of people while I sleep, thus leveraging my time and allowing me to talk to more people.

Normal businesses are measured in a lot of ways and one of them is number of employees.  If you want to hire employees for your business and raise your overhead that is fine, but I’d rather create a video, put it in front of a bunch of people, and allow my video, or new employee, to do work for me 24/7/365.

Think about why you got into this industry and if it was to free up some of your time, then I suggest you start creating videos so you can have those employees, I mean videos, do some of your work to free up more of your time.

3. Celebrity Status: Videos give you a chance to grow your audience online so what tends to happen is people start watching your videos, which gives them a chance to know you.  After the know/like/trust factor kicks in and they really enjoy watching your videos, they will start to feel like they know you since you are portraying your personality to them on their screen.

This is true because you want to be yourself in your videos.  The cool thing is that the people that actually want to contact you will contact you and when they do they will feel like they already know you.  You won’t have to prove yourself to them, or really give them a chance to know you since they already do.

It’s a completely different type of call when someone is already a fan of yours and they have already gotten a lot of help from you via your videos.  One day you will start getting calls from people that can’t believe they’re talking to you.  It’s a really cool feeling!

Why Video Marketing Benefits You


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