Top Earner Formula Revealed

top earner formula

The Top Earner Formula

Network marketing is really not the easiest type of business to build.  The reason is because most people do not know that there is a Top Earner Formula that can lead you to the top, IF you simply follow the steps on a consistent basis.

The majority of people get into the industry with hopes that all of their friends and family members will join and see the vision like they did, and then they find out that it doesn’t really happen like that.

I personally used to chase my family and friends until I was exposed to the Top Earner Formula that I reveal in the video below!


Where Did The Top Earner Formula Come From?

People have been using this formula and there have been different names for it throughout the years, but the recent formula was coined by Ray Higdon.  It’s funny because he learned the formula from his mentors and then he taught it to the people he was mentoring, myself being one of them.

Now I am here to hand down this treasured formula to you!


Why I Began Using The Formula

After a while of not having success with chasing people to join my business, I began networking and following various top earners that I resonated with on a pretty consistent basis.

I started noticing patterns with all of the people I was following, so I began mimicking their every move to the best that I could.  Then I started actually talking to these same people on a different level, because I now had something in common with them.

I was doing the same things they were doing and I started noticing that people were now following me.  SUPER COOL!

The cool thing is that I went from paying my mentors (which I still pay some of them for courses and direct coaching) to talking to some of them on a peer to peer level.

That was exciting for me because I noticed that this formula was working!  Tune in to this video and definitely pay attention to what I go over with you because it has literally changed my life and I hope that you actually soak it in and allow it to change yours.


Taking Action With The Top Earner Formula

I want you to know that this formula is legit.  If you are the type of person that likes investing in material things more than yourself, then you are going to have a major gap between where you are at and where you are trying to go.




The $7 training that I discuss in the video can be found by clicking the link or the picture below.  I strongly recommend doing this exercise so you can experience the Top Earner Formula for yourself.


Click here to take STEP 1 of the Top Earner Formula

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Investing In You,

Jason Yesser





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