Branding You – Why You Should Brand Yourself (1 of 3)

Branding Yourself – Why You Should Brand Yourself

Branding yourself is such a smart idea that I had to make this blog post and video to explain why you should.  I used to promote my products and the actual businesses in my prior network marketing companies, but once I started learning from the pros and focusing on my marketing strategies, I realized how important it was to brand myself.


Why Brand Yourself When You Have An Amazing Product?

  • You may have a change of heart one day and decide you don’t want to promote your particular opportunity anymore
  • Your mlm company may go out of business one day due to many different variables
  • You may find a better opportunity for yourself and your family and change paths

Watch this video and see how I explain why branding yourself is so important!

How Will Branding Yourself Help You Grow Your Business?

By promoting yourself to your audience, you are who they will get to know better.  By promoting your product and business opportunity, you are competing with the thousands of reps that are already in your company.  You need a way to stand out from the competition and you need a way for people to get to know you so they end up liking you more and trusting you more.  Then the business will follow!


How Long Before I Start Getting Results?

This is a bad question because each person is different.  I will tell you that it does not happen over night.  It can take 6 months before you start seeing major results, but the results will be worth it.  Staying consistent and actually participating in building your own brand will put you out into the marketplace as someone of value.  It will attract people to you instead of you chasing people.  Keep with it and go watch Video 2 right now so you can learn How You Can Brand Yourself!


Did this blog post help you understand better?  Comment below and let me know what you got out of this video and post so I know what is helping you.  Until next time!


Remember: The more you attract, the more you stack!

Stay Abundant,

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Yes, I've struggled for years with building my home business, but right when I began marketing myself online everything changed. Now I teach home business entrepreneurs how to leverage the internet to get more leads, more sales, and create more passive income streams.


  • Paula

    Reply Reply July 3, 2014

    Jason! Didn’t know I had to do math to comment! Not fair! lol

    Great blog. Great focus! Great video.
    I admire how you took the info from our course and went right to it!

    • Jason Yesser

      Reply Reply July 3, 2014

      Haha thanks Paula. I know, I figured I might as well keep people sharp with numbers at the same time as commenting lol. Thanks for the encouragement! I look forward to your next video 🙂

  • Aaron Salts

    Reply Reply July 4, 2014

    Hi Jason. Nice video. Great tips. I see a lot of what you are talking about as well. It also surprises me on social media when people hit me with offer after offer after offer and don’t provide any type of value beyond that!

    • Jason Yesser

      Reply Reply July 7, 2014

      Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook my friend! I like those people though, because it gives me another reason to keep doing what I’m doing. Thanks for your comment Aaron 🙂

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