What Is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing

What Is Network Marketing?

You probably have an idea of what network marketing is, but I decided to break it down into simple terms in this post and video.  I have found network marketing to be a simple idea when you break it down how I do in this video.

Most people think network marketing is sales and while I do to an extent, I also believe the simple breakdown I provide below will prove to you that it really isn’t.

Is Network Marketing Sales?

I believe that everything we do is sales and network marketing can be treated like a sales job, but it can also be treated in a different manner.

Amateurs sell and professionals sort in this industry!

It is no wonder that so many people quit.  They don’t know how to find people to showcase their presentation to so they end up going into the salesman mindset.  That is the wrong mindset to have when approaching your network marketing business.  This video will break down exactly what you can do to change your approach when dealing with prospects.



How Can I Sort Without A Bunch Of People To Present To?

Great question!  It is hard to begin sorting through people if you only have a few people in your pipeline.  Some people take multiple exposures before they join and that is fine, but without multiple people looking at what you have to offer, you tend to stay in a “selling” mindset.  You are in a position of need and that will do you no justice if you are looking to sign up more reps.

The link I put below is just an option for you to check out.  I discovered some secrets to generating leads every single day for my business and I haven’t been happier with the results I’m getting!  Being able to present to multiple people per day on a consistent basis has really changed my entire approach when dealing with people.  I really don’t care if people join my business or not anymore.  I know that the ones that are supposed to join will sort themselves out and get in at the time they are supposed to.

Why Convincing Is A No-No

Convincing is a bad way to approach your prospects.  It makes you look desperate and even if you do convince someone to join, it will be a continued effort of convincing them to do some work.  Stop wasting your time in your network marketing business and start working like a professional.  START SORTING!




Jason Yesser

Jason Yesser





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