How To Re-Approach Your Warm Market

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Re-Approach Your Warm Market

Your warm market can be your trickiest market to approach if you have already approached them in the past, especially if you have been in multiple network marketing companies.

I have been in four companies (that I can think of) and I have definitely approached my warm market in the past.

When I recently switched to my new company, I had to figure out the best way to re-approach my warm market because I’m sure some of them didn’t even want me to mention the word business to them again.

The good thing is that this is the first company that I am 100% passionate about so it was a lot easier going to my warm market, since I believe in the product that much.  I actually believe I am doing my friends and family a disservice by not introducing them to what I am promoting now!

Warm Market Mentality

Having the warm market mentality, as I like to call it, is essential when going to the people in your circle.  You have to have the mentality that you are doing this business with or without them!  If you exert that much confidence and prove it with action, some of your friends will end up joining you when you follow up down the road.

Let them know that you would like to do this business with them, but you are going to do it either way.

Your friends and family may also give you negative energy towards what you are doing.  Don’t take this personal as they are just scared for you in two different ways.

  • They don't want to see you spend money and put your time into something that they believe, will not give you a return.  Aka... they don't want to see you get hurt.
  • They don't want to see you succeed because then they may feel inferior or even left out. People want to keep you in their inner circle if you are already there and if you succeed, they know that things could change.  Aka... they don't want to lose you.

What To Say To Your Warm Market This Time

This time you need to approach your market with a different strategy.  Some of your friends and family members are not going to want to hear one more word about a business you got involved in so you have to go about introducing them in a different manner.

My favorite way to do this is to lead with the product, especially if you are passionate about it and you totally believe in it.

By doing this, you are alleviating the pressure of wanting them to join you in business and you will weed out the people that are truly interested, because they will ask you about the business aspect of your company.

The plus side is that you will get a lot more exposure of your presentation and you may also signup some customers in the process, who may convert to reps on your team after they fall in love with the product as well.

Watch this video as I dive in a little deeper into the subject.


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