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Create New Habits

How to Create New Habits

Have you ever struggled to create new habits in your life and you don’t know what to do now?

Recently I was struggling with some bad habits and I made a decision to tackle this habit thing once and for all.

What did I do?

That is exactly what this post is going to answer for you.  So if you are ready to change some things in your life, keep reading and check out my video below.

Create New Habits to Change Your Destiny

Mahatma Gandhi once said…

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

So if you know that habits help create your destiny, it is probably best that you cancel out the habits you don’t like and start creating habits that will help form the destiny you desire RIGHT NOW!

Why put something off tomorrow that you can do today?

I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to create new habits and that is exactly why I am here sharing my results with you today.

I was able to do just that and I really want to help you out in your business AND in your life in general.

The Problems with Trying to Create New Habits

The problem with trying to create new habits is that our subconscious minds are already programmed to follow the current habits we have.  This makes it extremely difficult to overcome what is already programmed into our habitual thoughts and actions that we take on a daily basis.

Luckily we have scientists that test out how long it takes to create new habits so we can measure how long it will take us to make these changes.

Some studies say it takes 21 days, some say 30 days, and others go up to about 66 days to create new habits.

I usually go for at least 30 days because I want the new thoughts and actions I am programming into my subconscious mind to continue on long after that so why not aim for the extended studies as my goal?


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Here is the main problem that everybody has with trying to create new habits in their life…

  1. Gravity- Your current habits are like gravity.  Gravity is used as a protection layer around the earth to form an atmosphere so we have our own envinronment, separate from space.  This keeps us on the ground, able to walk and enjoy the nice weather when we have it.  However, when we decide to leave the atmosphere with our NASA shuttles and satellites, we have to use 90% of the fuel just to get to the outer atmosphere and then space takes over after we get that far and momentum is created naturally.  Our habits work the same way.  We have to spend 90% of our focus on cognizant working to break our habits for at least the first 30 days until our subconscious mind takes over, thus creating momentum so we naturally do the habit without thinking.
  2. Accountability- Most people struggle with keeping themselves accountable while trying to create new habits in their life.  In order to create accountability we really just need a reason to keep ourselves on track with our goals.  Your reason “why” should be enough, but for some reason it usually isn’t.  Maybe your “why” isn’t enough but either way we have to stay on course of our final destination of the new habits.
  3. Focus- We are so focused and in our usual thought processes that we fail to focus on the new habits we want to create.  If you just focused on what you wanted, instead of what you have you would get there a lot quicker.

My Favorite Techniques to Create New Habits

  1. Get an accountability partner (preferably someone with a similar goal as yourself)
  2. Use brute force with your willpower (which we all have) for 30 days
  3. Speak to your accountability partner daily with your daily results (keeps your habit fresh on your mind throughout the day)

My Secret:


Punish yourself for not completing your daily goals.

Make the punishment so bad that it will be MORE PAINFUL to follow through on the punishment than to actually do the daily tasks towards creating your new habit.  Watch the video below to see the punishment I setup for myself on one of my habits I am working on right now.



I didn’t mention this in my video but I believe in rewarding yourself for good behavior.  The reason I didn’t say anything is because we were still figuring out what the big reward is going to be for accomplishing our new habit goals.

This will help create the behaviors and actions you need to create new habits and beyond!


Tell Me If This Helped Below

I want to hear what you got out of this post.

Are you going to use this technique to tackle a habit you can’t seem to get rid of?

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You are your number 1 asset!

Invest In Yourself,

Jason Yesser

Jason Yesser






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