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Let Me Remove My Mask

My name is Jason Yesser and if you ask anyone that truly knows me, they will tell you that I am all about my business. Why? Because I know what money can do for you. Money is really worthless as is, but what you can do with money is what’s important. MONEY CAN BUY BACK YOUR TIME!

I became obsessed with creating residual income when I was in my younger 20’s and I haven’t stopped adding to my pile since.  I bought my first investment property when I was 23 and I have accumulated close to a million dollars in real estate since.  

I have been in multiple network marketing companies and I have learned so much from each one.  The reason I chose real estate and network marketing is because they both create residual income by using leverage. 

“Leverage is one of the most powerful things in the world when used correctly.”

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The  Journey


I started in network marketing and I had no idea what I was doing.  After trying everything I could to build my various teams throughout my career, I came to a standstill and realized that there must be something else.  I began doing research in 2013 by searching the Internet for different ways to build a successful network marketing business.

After acquiring all of my research and soaking in the facts, I decided to take action! I jumped into MLSP and I began educating myself on the proper way to build a huge downline.  What I began learning opened up the flood gates to a whole new world.

I started following multiple top leaders and actually connecting with them on a regular basis.  The whole time I was learning the techniques these top earners were applying to their businesses, I was using the MyLeadSystemPro system to “generate leads” for my business.

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Giving Back


After generating hundreds and hundreds of leads into my pipeline and learning all of the incredible knowledge I have learned by plugging into the MLSP program and the top leaders I had connected with, I knew it was time to give back.  I realized it was time to share what I was doing with others that had not yet acquired this knowledge of lead generation and online business building.

Think of this entire site as a Swiss Army Knife of tools to help you grow your business, both online and offline.  I will be providing free trainings, resources I use, and anything else I can to help you go from where you are at to where you want to be.


My Goal: To Help As Many People As I Can Help To Accomplish Their Goals And Live Their Dreams!


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Shireen Testimonial (JY Site)
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2 thoughts on “MY STORY”

  1. The Man behind the Mask….composed of Diligence, Motivation, Self discipline, Discernment & Sense of humor! The best assets of a strong leader!
    My opinions might be slightly biased but I absolutely admire and applaud you for your determination to master this field and your ability to teach and help others succeed as well!
    Keep Soaring High! 🙂

    ~ Shireen Fernandez, M.D.
    Founder & CEO
    Society’s Choice

    “If you can Dream it, You can Do It.” ~ Walt Disney

    • Thank you so much for the kind words Dr Shireen. Just trying to follow in your footsteps as a fellow leader in the world. Walt Disney was absolutely right and I look forward to proving it 🙂


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