I just want you to know that I have every single thing listed below!  I would not recommend something to you unless I was 100% sure that it would benefit you.

For example, MyLeadSystemPro offers a ton of courses to help you build your business and I have not done them all.  The ones that I did purchase were incredible and I stand behind anything MLSP puts out, because I know the quality MLSP provides and I am confident that they would not put out something not worth while.  They have a 30 day money back guarantee so there really is no risk anyways.

Hope you understand where I'm coming from.  If you have any questions about any of these resources, then send me an email at jasonyesser@jasonyesser.com or call me at 717-925-0937 and I'll help you out.


  • MyLeadSystemPRO - CRITICALLY NEEDED - MyLeadSystemPro is, hands down, THE BEST place to start if you are not growing your business as fast as you would like.  MLSP is a platform that will provide you with the best education you can get in the home based business arena, and it also comes with a full access LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM that will let you get daily leads for your business so you can constantly talk to new people about your opportunity.  You will get access to weekly training webinars, daily training calls, a community of marketers that you can network with, and the ability to market your business opportunity to every lead you capture.  I am a Mastery Member and I’m all in with this system! Choose the plan that is right for you and take advantage of the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t think MLSP is for you, get your money back and forget we ever had this conversation. Talk to you on the inside!
  • aWeber - ESSENTIAL - This is probably the most widely accepted auto-responder system available today.  An auto-responder system will provide you with a database for all of the emails you have captured so you can send them all a single email in the touch of a button.  "Your money is in your list!"  This is how you will be able to keep in touch with the people opting into your capture pages from MLSP.  Try your first month for a $1 today!


  • Bluehost - A MUST - Hosting is what you need to start your own website.  The reason you want your own site is because YOU OWN IT!  Hosting is really cheap and it is what will hold your domain name and everything else you install on to that domain.  If your hub were real estate, then hosting would be the land that holds the house, or your domain.
  • GoDaddy - NEEDED -GoDaddy is where you can buy your domains to install on your hosting account.  My domain for this site is www.JasonYesser.com and I have that domain name hosted on my Bluehost account.  I look at domain names as online real estate.  Think of the name you want to brand yourself with and purchase it so you can begin your blog, hub, or whatever you want to call it.  This link usually has the first year on sale for less than the cost of lunch so take advantage of that discount and get your domain asap.
  • OptimizePress 2.0 - JAW DROPPING - This is the theme that I am currently using for this site.  I have tried other themes before, but OP2 is the go-to wordpress theme if you are into marketing.  You can manage your blog, create capture pages, and setup funnels all within this single theme.  Once you purchase OptimizePress 2.0, you get all of the training modules you need to get going on setting up your site.  Purchase it through this page and I will give you a 20 minute coaching call on setting up your blog the right way using OP2.


  •  TribePro - INCREDIBLE - I am new to TribePro, but I have already found it to be extremely important if you want to grow your hub/blog to the next level.  TribePro is a syndication system that allows you to import your website links and content so the members in your Tribes can share them on their social media sites.  This gets you tons of backlinks (vital if you want to rank in Google searches) and traffic because a lot more people will see your links all over tons of different social media sites as shares.  I also like how you can develop relationships with the people in your Tribes and grow your businesses together.  TribePro Secret: with the Pro Account you can start your own Tribe and brand yourself even more, thus getting you more leads for your business!
  •  Social Monkee - FREAKING AWESOME - What Social Monkee gives you is so cheap compared to the value it can provide for your sites and content.  Once you create a YouTube video, blog post, podcast, etc, then all you do is submit it to Social Monkee and let it go to work.  Social Monkee will randomly submit your link to a bunch of different websites to create more backlinks for your content.  This will help your site rank in the search engines so more people can find you.  Without tools like this, you are shooting in the dark.  Get this and watch where your content ends up when people search.  I've had tons of pages rank on the top page of Google just from submitting to Social Monkee.  That's huge!