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Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Podcast Interview

It was a great feeling to be invited to Zack Wiest’s Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Podcast Radio Show on WHP580 in Harrisburg, PA.  I just wanted to say thank you to Zack for the invite and the opportunity to work on his team at as one of the acquisitions specialists.  I am honored to have been on your show and I look forward to making this real estate money with you!

100% Owner Financing Is Still Alive

One of the main reasons I got invited on the show was because of the recent 2 unit property I purchased with no money down and I also got it for 50 cents on the dollar! Zack called me a couple nights after I closed on it and after I told him about it he asked me on the spot to be apart of the show this past weekend.  It’s just nice to know that you can still get into an investment property with no money down so if you want to hear how I got the deal and negotiated it, I highly recommend you listening to the podcast.

PA Deals

padeals logoIf you don’t know Zack and his organization over at, I highly recommend you looking into it.  PA Deals puts together turn-key investment properties that cash-flow every month and they also provide property management so you are literally buying a complete passive income investment.  I still buy a good amount of properties for PA Deals so I will make sure that you are getting quality homes with each acquisition I make.  Buying houses is so much fun that I just can’t stop doing it lol.

Anyways, if you want more information about their program over at, email me at so I can help you out.  I am up to 8 rental units right now and I have purchased over 40 properties for PA Deals so I wouldn’t mind passing some of my knowledge off on you if you are serious.

If you do decide to get involved with the program at make sure you mention my name because Zack said he would personally move anybody I knew to the top of the list to get their pick at the TOP QUALITY properties in the inventory!!  That’s a generous offer so don’t forget to let him know.

Did you learn something?

Once you listen to the whole podcast please comment below if you got any value from it.  I was getting tons of calls, texts, and emails after the show from people saying they learned a lot about investing so I always appreciate any feedback.  Make sure you have a productive day and I’ll see you at the top!

-To Your Success

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