Overcoming The No Money Objection In Network Marketing

No Money Objection

How To Overcome The “I Don’t Have The Money” Objection

If you are getting objections then you are doing something right!  You can’t sponsor people into your primary business if you are not getting objections so now you just have to figure out what to say to get the truth out.


Objections are lies!  LIES!!!


Let me explain…

1.  Objections are just defense mechanisms to how people really feel (peel off the objection layer and get to the next layer to find out the real reason)

2.  The no money objection means that person does not believe in themselves succeeding enough to earn their money back from investing it in your opportunity

3.  Watch the video below to understand more


The No Money Objection Is An Illusion

Your prospect may not have that money in their bank account or in their pocket, but people can get money if they want something bad enough.  I want you to understand that this objection does not exist.  It is an illusion and prospects are great magicians, if you let them be.  You need to tackle this objection and any objection by using my tips in the video below.

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Jason Yesser






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